Why should I buy a used mobile phone?

Why should I buy a used mobile phone?

Why should I buy a used mobile phone?used samsung galaxy alpha silver ul vg

So, you’re looking at buying a mobile phone and probably weighing up your options of what you want?

Should I go for Apple or Samsung?, iOS or Android? Should buy New Or Used?

This list goes on and on………

Well we can help you on the last one, which is buying a used mobile phone vs a new one!

OK, go on then, tell me why I should buy a second hand phone…..

People are understandably apprehensive when purchasing something used. Especially something as expensive as a mobile phone. Most people think the quality of a used mobile phone won’t be the same as a new one. Some people think if they buy a used mobile phone, then they are just buying  problems of someone else. People think that once they’ve bought a second hand phone, that they are then stuck with it if anything should go wrong. 

Well, let us set your mind at ease. When buying a used mobile phone from us at KandA-Gadgets, you can have total peace of mind that you are getting a quality piece of kit. We thoroughly test, test, and retest all of our products before they even appear on our website in front of you (yes, we’re a little obsessive like that!), This gives us the confidence of offering you a fully working and thoroughly tested product at a great price point. 

The cosmetic quality of a second hand mobile phone can be just as good as a brand new one. We assess all of our stock before sale and grade them into relevant cosmetic categories with tiered pricing to reflect the condition. If you purchase a device rated as VERY GOOD, then you can be confident that it is as close to new as possible, with very minimal, if any signs of cosmetic markings. 

So, have we convinced you why you should buy a second hand mobile?

If our testing process doesn’t fill you with confidence already (which hopefully it has :)) all of our used mobile phones come with free 30 day returns. If you simply change your mind you can return it to us within 30 days for a full refund!

We even offer free pay as you go SIM cards. Just order one from our page HERE and pop it in your second hand phone and top it up and you’re all set and ready to go.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a second hand mobile phone and get all of the same quality and confidence of a new one.The only difference is the price you’ll pay, which is a lot less.  Your wallet will thank you!  Check out our shop HERE and get free UK Delivery on all orders!


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