Condition Description

Condition Descriptions of our Used Mobile Phones and other Devices

Across our website we sell all types of Used mobile phones and second hand iPads etc. These come in varying degrees of cosmetic wear and tear. Below we have put together a brief description of each different grade category so you know exactly what you will be buying and what you will receive. Our Conditions range from Excellent, Very Good, Good, Acceptable.

You can get an idea of the grade described below of the device you will be purchasing. However if you have any questions, please simply contact us and we will assist you with your enquiry. You can also find more about us HERE


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Excellent Condition

If we rate a used mobile phone or second hand iPad as EXCELLENT then these are totally free from any scratches, scuffs, markings or any kind of wear and tear. Devices in this category are cosmetically the best of the best in our range and would pass for a brand new device. Get the benefits of a brand new looking device, without the hefty price tag that comes with it. Only you will know the difference. SHOP NOW


Very Good Condition

Devices not quite meeting our excellent category fall in to the VERY GOOD category, these devices show very light signs of use and wear and tear. Our VERY GOOD condition rated devices are not quite excellent, but you would need to look very closely to find any signs of wear and tear. From up close you will need to look very hard to see the device isn’t brand new. SHOP NOW


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Good Condition

Devices rated as GOOD CONDITION will show medium signs of wear and tear, this ranges from medium markings or scuffs to the body or screen that are a little more noticeable than the very good condition category. The devices are perfectly acceptable and value for money, but didn’t quite make our very good category. They are all fully working and functional as the manufacturer intended. SHOP NOW


Acceptable / Poor Condition

Used mobile phones or second hand iPads etc rated as ACCEPTABLE are the most cosmetically marked and show heavy signs of wear and tear. This could include heavy scratches, scuffs, markings or chips to the screen or body. Despite these devices being cosmetically marked, they have still been fully tested and working as they should. SHOP NOW

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